Who is Brad van der Laan?

I'm a father, a husband, a brother, a son, an uncle, and I'm also a professional software developer. These are just the things that I am and not the things I do.

Growing up if I wasn't riding my bike or playing Rugby I was writing software. I always knew I would work in this profession and thought I'd have to find a new hobby assuming that the last thing I'd want to do after a long day at the office is write more code; I was wrong, I generally enjoy software development and the day I stop enjoying it will probably be the day I stop doing it.

Because this is something I enjoy doing I prefer to work on teams who are empowered to self-organize and self-commit to the project at hand, believing that a team who has themselves developed a strong personal commitment to a project is a productive and innovative one.

Its all about passion, I'm passionate about software development and when I'm passionate about a project I go the extra mile not because I get paid to but because I want to.


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My interest in computer programming started back in high school and Software Development has remained a hobby of mine ever since. I graduated as a Computer Engineering Technologist and have been working as a Software Developer for many years.

I believe that software is crafted; understanding that how it is done is as important as getting it done. I enjoy the aesthetics in crafting elegant solutions to complex problems and revel in the knowledge that my code is maintainable and thus, will have longevity.

I hold the designation Certified Technician (C.Tech.) with the Ontario Association of Computer Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT), have been certified as a Professional Scrum Master level 1 (PSM I) and as a Professional Scrum Developer level 1 (PSD I) by as well as designated as an Officially Certified Qt Developer by the Qt Company.

My Story so far

  • The Journey

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Most of what I do is for an employeer but I do have a few projects of my own I can share. If you want to get an idea of my work these would be a good start.


Why do I do what I do?

I enjoy looking into the world and finding ways to make people's lives easier by designing truly creative and elegant solutions. I believe software development is one part science and two parts art; a well-designed software solution can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


A carpenter has chisels, a blacksmith hammers, me I have programming languages

Here are some programing languages I'm acquainted with, want to know how then click the links.


I'm not just a Code Monkey

Not only have I worked as an integral part of a software development team designing and implementing value add software I've also served as Scrum Master, Build Master, Team Leader, Mentor and Coach.

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